Pack ripe (black) olives loosely in course salt in a burlap bag (50% salt, 50% olives) for 7 to 10 days or more. Turn and shake them once a day. When the salt is all wet it has done its’ job. I like to dump out the old salt and do it a second time for an extra strong cure but this is a little strong for most people. After they’ve cured, rinse off the salt and let them sit for an hour or two to let all of the water drain off. Pack them in canning jars with a few cloves of fresh garlic and a few pepper corns and virgin olive oil. Keep them in the fridge. I had my last batch for over a year and they just tasted better the longer they sat. Good luck!


3lbs black olives
olive oil

Wash the olives, remove the stems, and puncture each olive with a tooth pick. Some people also expose the meat by making a shallow slice on each olive.

In a large bucket, cover the olives with strong saltwater. Use a solution that is about ten parts water to one part salt. Cover the bucket and store in a cool dark place.

Change the brine daily, and keep in mind that it takes a minimum of 4 weeks for the olives to cure depending on the batch of olives.

At the end of the third week, sample an olive and check if it is still too bitter. If the black olives need more time to cure, leave them in the bucket for another week, and keep checking every seven days.

When the olives have cured to your liking, rinse them and place them in jars and cover them with boiling salt water, and a thick layer of olive oil. You can also fill the jars with just olives and olive oil.

Saltwater cured olives keep for about a month in the refrigerator.


(Warning- Lye can cause serious burns)

Soak raw olives in a large glass container. Like a glass pitcher or mixing bowl.
Add 2 T. of Lye for two days. Test olives for tenderness. Remember they can continue to process after rinsing.
Rinse for with fresh water three times a day for five days.
Place two cloves of garlic one at bottom of jar one at top.
1T. Salt
1/4 of jar filled with vinegar
fill 3/4 with olives
top off jar with water to lid line


Start growing olive trees!