Olive Grove Design Options
“Walk-thru Design”, resulting in enough documentation for the installation crew to execute or “Complete auto-cad Design”.

Olive Grove Prep/Demo
Based on the design above the existing landscaping would be modified to accommodate the new grove. Space for composting and or brush/debris storage on-site location would save labor and disposal costs. Typical Crew day = [3] Man Crew = aprx. $1,200 per day. A crew can prepare about an acre in [2] days.

Olive Grove Installation
Based on the design above grids of irrigation, stakes, and possibly soil amendments would be laid out across landscaping, trees would be installed, staked and tied; irrigation system would be set to “Smart Controller”. [3] Man Crew = aprx. $1,200 per day, Project Management = $600 per day. A crew can install an acre of olives, 150 to 180 trees, in about [5] days. Project Mngt is generally 20% of crew time, or [1] PM Day per [5] crew days. [5 gallon Olive Trees $30 to $35 each].

Olive Grove Management
Once per month a [3] person crew would walk the grove discouraging weeds at tree bases, promoting strong supported growth and adjusting irrigation system as needed. From ½ day to 1 full day depending on size of grove(s). $500 to $1000/mnth.

Once per year olives would be harvested, crushed and bottled.
(price for Harvest/Press/Bottling priced separately)



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