Area of origin: Spain
Medium vigor with weeping shape. Very productive oil variety, high resistance to frosts, high adaptability to different climates & soils. Adapts to dense planting & small spaces. Fruit is black at maturation, which occurs late November, but not all at once. High yield of mild oil (20-22%), excellent quality with good organoletic characteristics.


Area of origin: Puglia in southern Italy
Grows best in very hot climates, or as small percentage of orchard to maintain fruity oil.
Late ripening, high levels of polyphenols, oil content 21-26%.


Area of origin: Greece
Medium vigor with spreading habit and open canopy. Ripens early, high and constant yields with high content of oil. Oil is high in oleic acid and very stable. Chief oil variety of Greece.


An excellent choice for coastal areas, Maurino olive trees produce a peppery and fruity oil. The tree is a compact grower, slightly weeping, with gray-green leaves. It needs pollenizers. Compatible olive tree pollenizers include Pendolino, Leccino and Frantoio.


Area of origin: Florence, Italy
Medium vigor with drooping habit, medium-large dense canopy. Used as pollinator for other cultivars due to abundant flowering. Early-ripening fruit, harvested when black produces light, delicate quality oil.


Area of origin: Tuscany, Italy
Medium vigor, spreading habit, with medium dense canopy. Self-fertile, but benefits from other pollinators (Leccino, Pendolino good pollinators). Good pollinator for other cultivars. Green color at harvesting, or turned dark to black.
High yield, very fruity oil. Common in Tuscan style oils.



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